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TV Licence Contact Number | 0843 850 2024

Looking for the TV Licence contact number (0843 850 2024), or other ways of contacting TV Licence? Then let us point you in the right direction. 

When contacting large companies, finding relevant contact information can be overwhelming. Then, once you have the right number, you need to collate all the information necessary to your case or query. After all, you don’t want to spend any longer on the phone than necessary. 

That’s why it’s best to prepare yourself with the necessary information before you consult the TV Licence helpline. Scan over our quick guide and consult our FAQs before you pick up the phone.

Do I need a TV Licence? 

A TV Licence is one of the staple requirements of all British homes. If you watch any form of live TV, you require a TV Licence by law. 

Live TV means that the programme has broadcasted on a TV channel. It encompasses everything from the news and sports games, to soaps, documentaries and films. Even if you only watch TV on your laptop or PC, you must have a licence if the platform constitutes ‘live’ TV.

Here is the full list of scenarios where a TV Licence is legally required:

  • When you’re watching any TV or online TV platform that has been shown on live TV. This includes all channels, not just the BBC. For example, you need one in order to watch an iPlayer on-demand show
  • When you record a programme in order to watch it later. Even though you’re not watching the live broadcast – this still constitutes as live TV because it was broadcast live.
  • Similarly, you must have a TV licence in order to watch a delayed programme or a repeat showing of a previously aired show
  • To watch or record programmes on +1, +2 and +24 channels

Even if you already have a cable, satellite or other TV service subscription, you are still liable to pay for a TV Licence. 

Your TV Licence may be paid in one lump sum or in instalments throughout the year.

Contacting TV Licence

There are several ways to get in touch with the TV Licence team. Contacting TV Licence should resolve any concerns you have. 

How do I contact TV Licence by phone?

You can use the TV Licence contact number 0843 850 2024 to seek advice about your TV Licence. 

Lines are available Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 18:30. Customer service advisors are not available at weekends or bank holidays. Phone calls cost 7 pence per minute. 

You can use the TV Licence phone number to renew your licence, amend your payments, claim a refund, or apply for your first licence. You can also use this number to discuss any other queries you might have.  

How do I contact TV Licence by post?

You can also write to TV Licensing at the following address:

TV Licensing


DL98 1TL

How do I contact TV Licence by email?

It is possible to get in touch with the TV Licence using their online contact form. However, the website advises that contacting TV Licence through email may result in a long wait. 

In that case, it is advisable to make use of the TV Licence contact number – 0843 850 2024. 

TV Licence customer complaints

If you need to register a complaint with TV Licence, you can submit it in writing to the relevant address as below. 

General complaint:

Customer Relations

TV Licensing


DL98 1TL


TV Licensing payment card scheme complaint:

Payment Card Customer Relations

TV Licensing


DL98 1TL


TV Licensing savings card scheme complaint:

TSC Customer Relations

TV Licensing


DL98 1TL


If you wish to chase up a complaint, you can use the same TV Licence phone number – 0843 850 2024. 

If you are not satisfied with the response of TV Licence customer complaints, you can go to the next stage. You can write to the Operations Director at:

TV Licensing


DL98 1TL

They will review your original complaint and the response you received. Then they will ensure that the matter has been investigated appropriately.

For more information about your TV Licence, you can check out their website.

All you need to know about the TV Licence 

Now that you know the TV Licence phone number, you can prepare to make your call. We’ve created all the common enquiries individuals have about licences and contacting TV Licence to make it easier. 

How much is a TV Licence?

The current TV Licence fees increased on 1 April 2020. At present, a colour TV Licence costs £157.50. Meanwhile, a black and white TV Licence costs £53. That’s an increase of £3 and £1.

If you are blind or severely sight impaired, you are able to apply for a concession of 50%. 

Residents aged 75 and over are entitled to a free TV Licence. However, the terms are changing shortly so scroll down to familiarise yourself with the latest rules. 

If you have any financial difficulties, you can find a way to spread your payments throughout the year. Watch the following video to learn more about how the TV Licence helpline can help you.  

How do I claim my free TV Licence?

Once you turn 75, you may apply for a free TV Licence. This isn’t applied automatically; you are required to apply for it. It is recommended that you apply whilst you are 74, to expedite the process.

Do note that from 1 August 2020, the policy is changing. Under the new scheme, only those aged 75 who receive Pension Credit are eligible to apply for a free TV Licence. Previously, all citizens aged 75 and over were entitled to claim a free TV Licence. 

To qualify, you must receive Pension Credit in your own name, or in your partner’s name if you are a couple. If you do not receive Pension Credit in your name, or your partner’s,  you are no longer eligible and must continue to pay for your TV Licence. 

The application form to apply for a free TV Licence is available on the TV Licence website. It is a simple form to complete and you will hear back with 28 days of submitting it.

How can I find my TV Licence number?

Every customer has a unique, 10-digit TV Licence number. You can find yours on your current TV Licence letter. If you’ve misplaced it, you can check any other letters or emails they have sent you. 

Alternatively, you can check your bank statements. Some banks display your TV Licence number on your statement alongside your payment.

If you still have any problems, pick up the phone and call the TV Licence helpline

What happens if I don’t pay for my TV Licence?

Watching television without a licence is a criminal offence. The TV Licence authorities do conduct patrols and check on those who haven’t paid for a licence. They keep a database of all licenced and unlicensed properties. Inspectors may knock on your door to query your status if you do not have a licence. Alternatively, TV Licence officials operate in vans which detect where TV equipment is being used. 

If you are caught watching TV without a licence, you can be fined £1,000. You will not be sent to prison but you could be imprisoned if you do not pay your fine.

What if I only watch catch-up TV?

This is a common question – particularly for those who only watch TV on a laptop or computer. Even if you do not own a TV, you may still require a licence. 

In order to watch any TV on BBC iPlayer, you must have a TV Licence. That’s regardless of whether it’s live or the on-demand platform. However, it is not mandatory for other providers, such as ITV Hub and My5. 

You also do not require a licence to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – unless you watch live sports or any live add-on Amazon Channels. We recommend you stay on top of the rules and regulations, as this may change in the future. 

Can I check my TV Licence online?

It is easy to access your TV Licence online. You will require your TV Licence number plus some other personal details in order to create an online account. Once you have this setup, you can log in any time to consult your details. 

If you have any problems accessing your account, you can refer to the TV Licence helpline (0843 850 2024).

Do I need a TV licence for every TV in my house?

One TV Licence permits the use of TVs and watching TV online within the household of the named licence holder. That means it’s fine to use multiple devices. Tenants are not required to hold a TV licence in a house shared with a TV Licence holder. If you visit someone’s household and choose to watch TV on your own portable device, their licence covers you. 

If you rent your own separate flat then you will need to apply for your own TV Licence.

How do I complain to the BBC? 

If you take offence to something aired by the BBC, you can make a complaint directly. Contact the BBC on 0843 850 2101.

If you wish to complain about programmes on other TV channels, you can contact the relevant broadcaster.

As a reminder, the TV Licence contact number is 0843 850 2024

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