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Addison Lee contact number | 0843 850 2229

If you’re looking for the Addison Lee contact number, then you can use 0843 850 2229 to speak to an advisor. 

However, before you pick up the phone – you may benefit from reading our quick guide to Addison Lee. This way you know exactly what to expect, what they can help you with, and other ways to contact Addison Lee customer services.

In a nutshell, Addison Lee, or ‘Add Lee’ is a private hire taxi and courier company. Headquartered in London, the service is available in a number of major UK cities. Read more about where the firm operates and how to book a journey in our guide below.

Addison Lee contact number 0843 850 2229

How to contact Addison Lee customer services

If you wish to contact Addison Lee, then you can do this by telephone or online. Please note that Addison Lee has no physical locations in the UK where customers can visit. Furthermore, the firm does not advertise an office where mail can be sent to. 

Addison Lee contact number

The Addison Lee phone number is 0843 850 2229. 

This is the quickest way to get in touch with a real person at Addison Lee. You can use the number to make car bookings or seek support 24/7, every day of the year. Yes, even Christmas!

When you dial, you will reach an automated voice service. Once here, you can select the options. For example, you can request to book an Addison Lee service in London, ask to amend a booked journey or get a quote. 

Contact Addison Lee online

Alternatively, Addison Lee has a very user-friendly website which contains a wealth of information for customers. You can also reach out to the support team online. 

You will find a comprehensive FAQ section which covers bookings, account, courier and all manner of general enquiries. This is available to all customers. You may also create an account with Addison Lee. This enables you to make and cancel bookings, request receipts and get an Addison Lee quote all in one place. 

If you wish to ask a question that isn’t covered by the FAQs, then you can email Addison Lee via their online contact form. Addison Lee will get back to you either via email or telephone. You might not hear back for 24 hours, so if your query is urgent – you should use the Addison Lee phone number instead: 0843 850 2229.

Alternatively, you can send a message to Addison Lee at 

However, if your email is about lost property, then you can use the dedicated email address:  

Download the Addison Lee app

Addison Lee offers an app on both IOS and Android platforms. This comes in handy when you’re in a city where Addison Lee is available as it enables you to hail taxis on the spot. Alternatively, you can make advance bookings. 

If you wish to contact Addison Lee via the app, then this is another possibility.

Chat with Addison Lee on social media

As an alternative, you can refer to the Addison Lee Twitter account. This is manned Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm. Please never share any personal or financial information via Twitter. 

Secondly, you can check out the Addison Lee Facebook page. This is less of a means of contact for customers, but more a way of getting the latest news and updates. 

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Addison Lee Guide

Now you know how to make an Addison Lee booking, let’s run over some of the most frequently asked questions. You may find a solution to your query here.

What does Addison Lee do?

Operating since 1975, Addison Lee is a private hire taxi firm with headquarters in London. In fact, Addison Lee was the first taxi firm to offer the option to book rides digitally. 

Nowadays, besides the Addison Lee London fleet, there are drivers available in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Luton and Manchester.

You are able to book a ride with Addison Lee on the spot and in advance. Addison Lee provides professional, highly trained drivers who can take you from A to B as well as provide reliable airport transfers (London). Furthermore, with Addison Lee executive, you receive a chauffeur and a Mercedes. 

In addition to passenger journeys, Addison Lee offer a courier service. This spans same-day delivery, next day delivery, and international deliveries.

Find out how Addison Lee is committed to customer safety during the pandemic:

Is Addison Lee cheaper than Uber?

Although Uber has a reputation for being one of the cheapest means of getting around, this isn’t always the case. Addison Lee offers a premium minicab service, but their rates for standard journeys are reasonable in comparison to Uber and similar taxi apps.

Unlike Uber, Addison Lee does not spike their rates during high demand. So during busy times or adverse weather, an Addison Lee taxi may work out cheaper. Do note that Addison Lee operates under peak and off-peak hours. So, on the following days and times you will find cheaper rides:

  • Monday – Thursday: 00:00-04:59, 09:00-16:29, 19:30-20:59
  • Friday: 00:30-04:59, 09:30-16:29, 19:30-23:59
  • Saturday & Sunday: All-day

At all other times, peak fares apply. 

If you are happy to share your ride with a stranger and possibly have a longer journey, Uber Pool will be the cheapest option. Ultimately, if you want to keep your expenditure low, we recommend having both apps on your phone. This way, you can compare the two before you book.

How do I book Addison Lee?

You have several ways to book Addison Lee. You can call the Addison Lee booking number – 0843 850 2229 – and book a taxi over the phone. 

Alternatively, you can get an Addison Lee quote and book your journey via the website or app. You must create an Addison Lee account first.

Whilst Addison Lee does offer on-demand bookings, it’s worth noting that sometimes there is a longer wait than, say, Uber. In London, the average wait time for an on the spot booking is 10 minutes. However, in other cities, this might not be the case. 

Addison Lee is great for airport transfers though. For collection, Addison Lee will monitor your arrival and, unless specified otherwise, the driver will greet you in the arrivals hall with a placard. 

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Can you pay cash with Addison Lee?

Addison Lee drivers do accept cash payments. When you book your journey, either over the phone or via the app, you will view your Addison Lee quote for the ride. Before you confirm and book the ride, you have the option to select your preferred payment method. 

In addition to cash, Addison Lee also accepts payment via credit card/debit card, PayPal and Visa Checkout. You also have the option to add a tip for your driver. This isn’t mandatory, but of course, any gratuity would be greatly received. 

If you are a frequent traveller with Addison Lee, then you can open an account. This is open to both personal and business passengers. 

Can you cancel an Addison Lee?

You can cancel a pre-booked Addison Lee journey by calling the helpline or logging into your account online or in the app. Just click the ‘cancel’ journey button. No cancellation fee will apply.

For on the spot bookings, the following applies. There is no cancellation fee if your driver has been allocated to you for less than five minutes when you cancel the booking.

However, if your driver has been allocated to you for over five minutes when you cancel the booking, a cancellation fee will apply. You will see the charge before you confirm the cancellation. 

What cars does Addison Lee use?

In regard to the standard passenger service, the Addison Lee taxi is typically a VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy or Toyota Prius. All cars are kitted out to offer comfort and style. They come with a phone charger, complimentary wi-fi and climate control.

On the other hand, the Addison Lee Executive fleet is comprised of Mercedes S-class or similar. 

How much do Addison Lee drivers make?

In the UK, the average salary of an Addison Lee driver is £18,000. The firm operates a commission scheme to incentivise their drivers and recently lowered the rental fee for the vehicles. 

Find out more about working for Addison Lee as a driver:

How does the Addison Lee courier service work?

Addison Lee provides a reliable courier service which includes a fleet of bicycles, motorcycles, small and medium vans, and Luton vans. The prices vary depending on the parcel or item you wish to courier, the location, and your desired timeframe.

Besides same-day and next-day delivery in the UK, Addison Lee also provides a global delivery service. 

For all your courier needs, Addison Lee customer services are on hand 24/7, every day of the year to help. You can use the Addison Lee phone number to enquire or book a courier: 0843 850 2229.

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And that concludes our guide to Addison Lee.

Now you have the Addison Lee contact number and we hope we’ve addressed any questions you had on your mind.

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